What are the eLearning Travel Safety Aims and Objectives

To Improve Every Traveler's Personal Safety Skills and Knowledge

To provide travelers useful and relevant information, skills and knowledge to have the confidence to travel the world in a safe and secure manner.

To Counter The Main Threats Faced by Travelers

To focus on the main threats faced by every traveler. Explore Secure compiled data from the US, UK and Australian governments on incidents that most affected travelers from these countries. Our modules were then specifically designed and tailored to focus on the threats most likely to be faced by young travelers. Everything on this course is usable and is relevant to real-life travel, designed by security specialists.

To Ensure The Course is User-Friendly and Interesting 

To provide an interesting, user-friendly, animation based experience that users can take quickly and anywhere in the world. 

To Teach Travelers How To Avoid Incidents

To focus on teaching travelers how to avoid incidents. We teach how to plan and prepare to minimize risk. Our course then supplements this key focus by providing the skills and the knowledge to preempt threats providing users the best opportunity to remove themselves from danger before it develops, react positively to control situations and improve chances of a positive outcome

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