How Online Travel Safety Training works

Working with the ExploreSecure Online Travel Safety Training platform is easy.

1. Choose Your eLearning Course

Whether Student Traveler or Business Traveler 

If you are looking to purchase multiple courses, whether for a small group, or an organization wide deployment please contact us to learn about options, price discounts and processes. 

2 Click On The Buy Now Link 

On the respective page, use the Buy Now link and register your details

3. An Email Will be Sent to You

During registration you will be asked to provide an email - a payment link and log-in details will then be sent to that e-mail

4. Secure On-Line Check-Out

Use our secure on-line payment system to purchase the course. 

5. Follow the Email Link and Start Your Course

You will have access to your course at your discretion for 60 days (longer if you require). You can jump in and out however and whenever you wish.