Why Explore Secure Online Travel Safety Training?

Online travel training program

The Explore Secure® eLearning online travel safety briefings stem from our years of providing safety courses in small group and seminar formats. We have taken this content, complemented it with our combined experiences and delivered it within an animation based format to provide courses that can be easily absorbed with content that works in real life. The only travel safety eLearning product on the market designed by actual security and counter-terrorist professionals.

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Benefits of Choosing Explore Secure® for Your Online Travel Training

No Downloading or Installation of Software

All you need is access to the internet and a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone

Animation Based and Modular

User-friendly, visual learning aide assisting in the understanding of each module, and modules can be completed in just a few minutes

Quick to Complete

Complete our training in just 35-45 minutes on average

The Content is Designed By Counter-Terorrist, Special Forces and Security Experts - containing Key Safety Skills proven to work

Unlike a lot of other courses and online eLearning the Explore Secure® content is designed by actual security and counter terrorist experts. Focused on the specific threats most likely encountered when traveling, whether you're a student or a corporation. Using Explore Secure® gives you the confidence that you are learning from people who know what they are talking about, not just people cutting and pasting from the internet. 

Focuses on Proactive Avoidance

Teaches travelers to develop situational awareness and learn how to preempt threats

Courses are Tailored to End-User

Whether you're a Business Traveler or Student Traveler your requirements are often different and we therefore tailor those safety tips for traveling based on your specific needs.

Manage Large Groups

Branded portals can be provided that will allow management to have full administration access, able to enroll users, check on progress, be told when courses are completed and get reminded when people need to renew.


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