Explore Secure® focuses on simplification, helping our clients deliver high quality, user-friendly travel safety training to large numbers of people within an organization. We have two options for organizational wide delivery of either course (Business or Student): 

Standard Delivery - Pricing @$19.99 USD per person 

Choose the course you want (whether Business of Student), and the number of users to take the course. The users are granted access via the Explore Secure branded online platform. This can be delivered to any number of people with just a few clicks. Tell us how many people you require to take the training, and provide all of the names and their respective email addresses. We will then do all the hard work. Each user will be invited and enrolled in the course of your choice.Two clicks and they have started the course and are underway

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Advanced Delivery - Pricing @$14.99 USD

Choose the course you want (whether Business or Student), and the number of users, but with a minimum of 100 users to be purchased. Explore Secure design a tailored, branded portal for your organization, and you have full administration capability, able to enroll users, check on progress, be told when courses are completed and get reminded when people need to renew. 

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