Travel Safety Training FAQs

Explore Secure are a company dedicated to improving the health, safety and security of all travelers. Below we've complied a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you still can't find your answers please contact us

How can I pay for the course?
Very easily - payment is via our online credit card system supported by STRIPE, a secure online payment system. Just follow the directions when you click Buy. If you are looking to purchase group courses payment can be via wire transfer.
Can I purchase e-learning packages online?
Yes - all of our courses are bought online. Just follow the links on the appropriate page. Or use this link here SHOP 
Are payments secure?
Yes - we utilize STRIPE payment system - click here to learn more about their security 
How long will I have access to the course once I enroll?
The standard length of access to our course is 30 days. This is negotiable for multiple purchases. 
Will I need to download any software?
No - all you need is access to the internet. Our courses are all web-based and can work from any phone, tablet, laptop or computer
Can I deliver the Explore Secure® training to multiple people?
How do you keep your courses current?
We frequently update the content of our courses to reflect changes in best practice and any new techniques in safe travel. We partner closely with both the UK and US governments and industry experts to ensure our advice is current, accurate and timely.
As part of group management can I see how many of my group have started the training and see when they finish?
Yes - Any administration manager for a group can see on our user friendly training platform how many students have started and completed their course; it also tells you who they are and shows the progress they have made. Emails can be sent to key managers on completion and reminders on when they need to renew (if this is applicable).
Is there an assessment?
No - There is no formal assessment as part of the delivery of the training. The interactive briefing modules and summaries enable confirmation of content with a view to educate not test. This is achieved through an enjoyable learning experience thus ensuring the information is assimilated by the student on completion of the course.
How do you source the info and provide advice on your courses
Explore Secure content is designed by our in-house team of safety and security experts; all of whom stem from operational backgrounds in counter-terrorism, special forces and risk management. All of our content is based on professional experience, best practice security methodology and years of traveling, living and working in multiple foreign countries. All users can rest assured that they are receiving the very highest standard of training from professionals.  
Who are ExploreSecure ?
Explore Secure is the training wing of ETS-Risk Management - a global risk management company that specializes in protective services. ETS provides executive protection, intelligence and special project services to organizations and HNWI's across the globe. You can visit the ETS website at 
Can you provide in-person training to organizations 
Yes- please email us with your requirements. Explore Secure has provided multiple in-person training sessions to organizations. Each is tailor made to user requirement and can include a whole host of specialist modules including remote first-aid, hostile surveillance detection and non-permissive environment safety. 
Can I use the course on my own Learning Management System (LMS)?
Yes - we can provide you the SCORM file to use on your own LMS.  
Do you provide modules for Female and LGBT travelers?
Yes - we have designed our course to provide a specific module for each end-user including modules identifying the key considerations for female, LGBT and solo travelers.
Do you partner with Government travel safety programs?
 Explore Secure, in association with the ‘Know Before You Go’ Campaign,  are working with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) to do all that we can to help travelers stay safe overseas
Can I get information from you via social media when I travel?
We are avid users of Twitter and Facebook always looking to update our followers on global safety and security issues, occurrences and events, as well as useful articles. Similarly we actively encourage our followers, users and clients to utilize these social media platforms to help other users and followers. Perhaps things that you have heard, updates on events and occurrences, and personal experiences. Use the Twitter and Facebook links at the bottom of any page to join the conversation. ? 
Do you provide training for NGOs traveling abroad
Yes - we currently offer in-person training to groups requiring more advanced travel safety and security training, especially those going to high risk and/or non-permissive environments. Our content is tailored to each group and provided by experts in that field. 
Can you provide training for college/school groups on study abroad schemes
Yes - Our Student travel safety eLearning briefings are designed specifically for this. However, if any group requires in-person training - we can assist and have extensive experience in doing so.
Can you assist with us with meeting duty of care requirements for staff traveling overseas?
Yes - all of our eLearning Travel Safety briefings help organizations meet Duty of Care requirements. The briefing is easily provided to any size group and managed by key administrators of your choice. Emails and notifications are sent to administrators identfying who has completed the briefing, when and identifies anyone who has not. This allows managers to ensure all personnel have a knowledge and understanding of how to stay safe abroad prior to departure. Duty of Care applies to both a legal and moral duty to provide a safe working/studying environment whether home or abroad. A key part of this is to ensure your personnel/students know the basics of taking responsibility for their own safety and how to react if the worse case scenario ever does occur. There are multiple other parts to Travel Risk Management and Duty of Care responsibilities for personnel traveling abroad. Please Contact Us to learn how Explore Secure and ETS can assist.
Can I still access the course on the road?
Yes - the course can be accessed on any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.